Visit schedule
19 Sep (Mon) Depart San Francisco
20 Sep (Tue) Arrive Tokyo
21 Sep (Wed) Briefing at Min. Foreign Affairs. Bullet train to Iwate
22 Sep (Thur) Hiraizumi (UNESCO World Heritage Site) & Morioka
23 Sep (Fri) To Kamaishi via Miyako, Yamada & coast road
24 Sep (Sat) Kamaishi
25 Sep (Sun) Ohtsuchi
26 Sep (Mon) Ohtsuchi High School (cultural exchange)
27 Sep (Tue) Kamaishi to Narita. Depart Japan


2 Responses to Schedule

  1. Cyndy Masuda says:

    Oh Alan. I wish there was some way I could join you for part of your visit. I look forward to hearing how it goes with you. I hope, in time, we will be able to go on up and help in anyway possible.


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